Before and after processing with texture overlays …

I love the tightly curled petals around the centre of this pretty dahlia, one of the flowers in a bunch given to me for my birthday. To emphasise the central whorl, I processed the photo with a couple of textures.

Coloured Chiffon (left) is a texture I recently created from a photo of a vintage chiffon scarf overlaid with a photo of creased paper.

Heat Wave – 2 (right) is quite an old texture I made from a photo of a dish of small glass beads and a photo of the pealing paint on my old wooden desk. It adds a touch of warmth and sparkle.

Photoshop Texture Recipe

This recipe assumes a level of familiarity with applying and selectively removing textures in Photoshop. If you’re not familiar with the processes involved, please check out my tutorials.


  1. Dahlia photo, Normal 100%.
  2. Heat Wave – 2, Softlight 70%. On a layer mask, use a brush @ 100% to remove the texture over the centre of the dahlia.
  3. Coloured Chiffon, Softlight 70%.
  4. Dahlia photo, Filter > High Pass, 3 pixels, to sharpen and define the edges of the petals.
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