Yellow Water Billabong

Yellow Water Billabong (Ngurrungurrudjba) is incredibly beautiful – it is home to crocodiles, wild horses, buffalo, and abundant birdlife. We booked a sunset and sunrise Yellow Water Cruise. The guide on the sunset cruise was a young Aboriginal man, who was knowledgeable about collection of traditional foods and a keen wildlife spotter. He encouraged and challenged all of us to spot animals, and stopped the boat to allow us to get a better view and photograph animals. He was very engaging; he spoke quietly and didn’t waste words. Rounding The BendSmoky Horizon

Smoky horizon

Australian Pelican on Yellow Water Billabong with paperbark trees in the background

Australian pelican, magpie geese, and paperbark trees

Brolga & Insect

Brolga and insect



Crested Whistling Ducks

Crested whistling ducks

Three Magpie Geese

Magpie geese

Little Pied Cormorant

Little pied cormorant

Darter in a Dead Tree

Darter in a dead tree

Pair of White Bellied Sea Eagles

Pair of white bellied sea eagles

Jacana & Chicks

Male comb crested jacana with chicks


Comb crested jacana on a waterlily pad

Rainbow Bee Eater

Rainbow bee eater

Tree Snake

Tree snake

Darter Drying Its Feathers

Darter drying its feathers

Jabiru Flying At Sunset

Jabiru flying at sunset

Jabiru Walking

Jabiru walking – crested whistling ducks near the edge of the water

Reflected SkyCruise boat at sunset on Yellow Water Billabong

Cruise boat at sunset

Birds at SunsetCrocodile Watching the Sun Set

Crocodile facing the setting sun

The guide on the sunrise cruise was a young British man who spoke non-stop but didn’t say much. He told sensational and gory stories about crocodiles jumping out of the water to attack people and how they store their prey underwater. He seemed more interested in returning to Cooinda for breakfast than in spotting animals.

Just before sunrise

Cloudy SunriseBirds at Sunrise on Yellow Water BillabongForest Kingfisher

Forest kingfisher

Nanking Night Heron in the Morning

Nanking night heron



White Bellied Sea Eagle & Magpie Geese

White bellied sea eagle and a flock of magpie geese

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