Usual Suspects

Before and after processing with texture overlays …

Processing with a grunge texture completely changes the mood of this image.

Photoshop Texture Recipe:

This is very simple processing with one texture. The grunge faux ‘Through The Viewfinder’ texture lends a vintage feel that reminded me of 1940s movies of gangsters. This recipe assumes a level of familiarity with applying and selectively removing textures in Photoshop. If you’re not familiar with the processes involved, please check out my tutorials.


Clouds TTV – a grungy muted texture of clouds with faux Through The Viewfinder (TTV) edges (to view a larger size, click on the thumbnail)


  1. Original image: Normal 100%
  2. Clouds TTV (reversed to its mirror-image using Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal): Normal 50%
  3. Original Image: Normal 20%
  4. Clouds TTV: Multiply20%
  5. Original Image: Soft Light 80%.  On a layer mask use a soft brush @ 100% to remove the background to reveal the texture beneath.
  6. Original Image: Soft Light 20% (To blend the layers)
  7. Clouds TTV: Soft Light 80%. To soften the effect of the texture &  reveal the details of the flowers, select the area using the lasso tool & apply Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur @250.
  8. Clouds TTV: Soft Light 20% (To blend the layers)
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