Morning Glory

Before and after processing with texture overlays …

Morning Glory is considered a weed but I think its delicate tendrils, leaves, and flowers are really pretty
(which is lucky, because it’s taking over our garden).

Lightroom Processing

The colours in the original image were a bit dull. To add a bit of zing, in Lightroom I used several presets (i.e., processing formulas I’ve developed to create a particular effect and then saved so processing can be applied quickly to any image).
 Presets for Lightroom:
 HMB!, which brings out the blue hues in a RAW image.
 As Intended, which brightens and pumps the saturation in a jpeg image.
 Dandelion, which brightens while retaining more natural colours in a RAW image.

Lightroom Presets - HMB, AsIntended, Dandelion
Left to Right: Original image, and then the effects of processing with presets: (1) HMB!, (2) HMB! & As Intended, & (3) Dandelion.

Photoshop Texture Recipe

In Photoshop, I layered the processed versions of the image to combine & modify the effects of the presets, & then added layers of textures. This recipe assumes a level of familiarity with applying and selectively removing textures in Photoshop. If you’re not familiar with the processes involved, please check out my tutorials.


I used three of my textures: Left to Right: Blue Ripples, Gentle Ripples, New Sheet (to view them at a larger size, click on the thumbnails below)


  1. To create the before image (shown at top), I used the original image processed with the presets HMB! and As Intended : Normal 100%
  2. Then to strengthen the blue tones, I added a layer with the original image processed with the preset HMB! : Normal 20%
  3. To brighten the image, I added a layer with the original image processed with the preset Dandelion: Normal 20%
  4. Then I applied layers of texture. Gentle Ripples: Soft Light 50%. The horizontal lines in the texture overpowered the subject
  5. So I duplicated the layer & rotated it 90 degrees. Gentle Ripples: edit transform rotate: 90 degrees counterclockwise: Soft Light 50%
  6. Blue Ripples: Soft Light 50%
  7. New Sheet: Overlay 70%
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